So, as I was instructed, when I left the interview, I messaged MrH. He instructed me to check my email.

There was an email from him telling me to head home and when I got home I had instructions to follow. MrH had put out clothing that I was to put on, I was instructed to call him Sir and I was to let him know when I was dressed. I was then to go to the Living room and put myself if the “wait” position.

So I headed home. I have to say I felt like I was going to fail from the very beginning. The shoes MrH had left out were ones that hurt me and MrH had said he would not ask me to wear them again. But I put them on.

I went downstairs and pulled up the picture of “wait” so I could be correctly positioned.

I attempted to get into position. I tried to curl my toes into place … And I could have screamed. The pain in my toe was excruciating. I should perhaps explain I have had an operation on my big toe a few years ago. So I tried again. MrH wanted this position. I had to do it. Over and over I tried and I couldn’t hold it – the pain was making me feel sick. So I messaged MrH and told him. He gave me permission to take the shoes off. Even barefoot, I couldn’t manage the position. The closest I could manage was to have my feet flat and to sit back.

MrH arrived home and I apologised for failing. He said I had not. He seemed not to notice I was not correctly positioned… Or maybe he realised I had done the best I can with my physical constraints.

I am not going to go into too much detail… But MrH brought me quickly back into a submissive mindset, he had set the room up ready for the scene so subtlety that I hadn’t noticed.. a cushion on the footstool for me to lean over while he spanked me.

MrH used a number of implements to spank me and I floated gently way shortly after he started. Never pushing too far.. there were a few blows that registered an 8 but nothing that made me want to use my safe words.

MrH used a vibrator to stimulate and although he asked me to cum I didn’t … The stimulation stopped or changed before I reached the right level. Afterwards I apologized for not following his commands.

MrH decided it was time for his pleasure and so he had me sit up so he could use my mouth. He finished by bending me back over the footstool entering me and holding my hair.

Throughout the scene he spoke to me. He asked me many times “who’s are you?” And I responded “I am yours, Sir” as well as asking if I was ok during the spanking.

Needless to say I am now very relaxed, those happy chemicals are flooding my body. And I can smell my sex and Sir because he had me clean him with my mouth when he had finished. I could wash my face but I find it keeps me in the submissive state a little longer.

I feel better… And I am grateful. MrH and I have cuddled and talked. I have told him why I wasn’t able to follow his instructions, and that I did try to obey. My shoulder pain also seems to have eased. I wonder if it was a trapped nerve and the position I was in for the spanking as well as the physical relaxation has allowed it to release.

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