Tight hold

Today has been difficult. Going to work knowing they have asked me to go… Knowing they are reducing my pay to the lowest possible amount …. It’s been hard.

I told them it would help them … But I suppose I hoped they would look for alternative solutions…. So I’m out and I am expected to teach them how to do my job… Like I said … It’s been hard.

So I decided to wear my new corset today. I thought the feel of it around me would be like MrH was holding me tight. Remind me I am his.

For the most part it worked … Although there was a couple of occasions when I felt I couldn’t breathe… All in my head I must point out as it wasn’t tight.

MrH took some pictures and you can see there is a 3″ gap on how I have been wearing it … I tightened it up to see how far I could tighten it … And wow it went quite tight… Tiny waist lol…. Not bad for a cheap corset… Can’t wait to get my bespoke one 😁

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  1. Hugs sweet – sounds like you have had such a tough day. I am glad that the corset helped a bit and am glad that you are now back home ready for a real Mr H hug.

  2. I’m sorry they decided to phase you out. That’s so rough and completely unfair, and what they are doing with your pay is just monstrous. I’m so sorry.
    Love the corset! I have a cheapo one from Halloween years ago, but I’ve never actually worn it. They are beautiful, and you have the perfect figure for it!

    1. I’m not sure it’s a relatively cheap one from Amazon …. It’s a single layer construction and the busk is not very strong … The busk opened at the bottom yesterday twice …. The ones that’s being made for me isn’t going to open at the front at all I will put it on over my head.

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