Sunday Snuggle

I’ve done the ironing and although there’s still laundry to do it’s just the towels that need finishing off.

So while I’m reading fursissy’s story fs-01 I’m being held in my favourite place, at Sirs side with his arm around me.

Every now and then (when our eldest leaves the room) he strokes my hair, or runs his fingers over the sweet spot on my neck. When he does this, I close my eyes and melt into him. Sometimes he moves the arm that’s around me to my breasts and he feels for my nipples (which tend to tighten into little buds under his hands) and then he circles them or flicks them through my clothes. Of course this causes a very different reaction and I’m instantly aroused. MrH says this is because I’m a good girl and always ready for him to use, which makes me wetter.

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