Lazy Sunday’s

I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that the weekend is the best part of the week … I guess the exception would be the people who have to work at the weekend. But to me Saturday and Sunday are the two days I get to spend with MrH without having to put my focus on anything else.

I am his. That is all.

I do laundry and the ironing. I get food supplies if I didn’t get them during the week but my thoughts and being are still able to focus on MrH and his presence. I used to dislike ironing. Now I look forward to knowing that MrH will look good at work because I have taken the time to iron his shirts. I know I will look smart when I am with MrH because I have ironed mine. This feeling, that I am making MrH’s life more comfortable has made ironing less of a chore…

But my favourite thing is that while we are sat watching TV MrH will get himself comfortable and then say “are you coming for a snuggle?”

This is why the weekend is my favourite time of the week.

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