My backs sore, and I feel like I have to pee alot….

Looks like I’ve got/am getting a water infection ☹️

Guess I better go and get a test at the drs 😭😭😭😭

They call it the honeymoon illness …. High levels of sexual activity often results in a uninary tract infection. I also had a hysterectomy 2 years ago and research has shown that this can also increase the instances of UTI suffered. Prior to the hysterectomy I had only had water infections during pregnancy (another common occurrence). So put together our weekend of fun, with my new predisposition and I know it’s starting – I’m learning to recognise the signs.


The general advice here in the UK on preventing UTI is simple:

  1. Always wipe front to back after toileting,
  2. Empty the bladder before and as soon as possible after sexual activity
  3. Keep yourself clean and avoid highly scented cleansers.

I follow these rules meticulously… Still I seem to be attracting them… And as well as the frequent need to urinate I have found I feel generally unwell when I get a UTI; I feel sick and dizzy.

So here’s hoping I can drink enough so I can produce a decent sample for the Dr and that it’s progressed enough to show up in the tests!!!!


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  1. Do you have anything like cranberry supplements or a medication over the counter called azo? When i feel one coming on i take those and even if i still need to see a doctor, they take the discomfort away. Feel better soon.

    1. Thanks 😊 I’ve keep a supply of the sachets lol and the the sample I did at the Drs today has tested positive so I now have antibiotics…so I’ll soon be feeling better 😊

  2. My Queen also gets a lot of these damn infections. She does the pee before and after sex—even though I don’t orgasm, and drinks about 5 litres of water each day. Her doctors prescribe medication when she sees them because they know she knows if she is getting one. They’ll still take a sample, but the drugs don’t have to wait. Sometimes they haven’t even tested. I hope you are healed soon!

    1. The antibiotics are strong ones – 3 days so I’ll be feeling better by tomorrow morning….
      I may look into an antibacterial type wash …. I don’t know if there is one for the intimate area but I wonder if that would help too..
      I tell MrH that it’s almost a compliment to him – after all these years to be suffering the ‘honeymoon’ infection can’t be a bad thing 😉

      1. Be careful of antibacterial washes. I forget the name of the ingredient that killed the bacteria, but it is a carcinogen. Simple soap and water is likely best. You can also drink cranberry juice as it helps prevent these infections.

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