What am I doing?

It’s Tuesday morning and I have a muddled day. I was supposed to be off work and so I made plans to pass the time.

I was meeting with an agency, doing the ironing, doing some cross Stitch and reading.

Now I have to go into the office.

I don’t like changing plans suddenly. If I have a plan and I like to stick to it.

To make it worse I am not looking forward to going to work. I have to try and come up with a number of plans for the business to implement in order to survive the next few months and one of them includes them letting me go.

So I’m going to work to put myself out of a job in order to save the business….. And I really can’t afford to be out of work.

Maybe I’m completely insane…

6 Replies to “What am I doing?”

  1. Remember it is not just your job to come up with a solution. There are company directors that need to come up with a solution also.

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