Reflection – on the last 24 hours

We’re back home and we’re both feeling tired. I’m laid at his side on the sofa, he has his arms around me. I’m so mellow at the moment and yet high at the same time, I’m probably not making much sense. Or maybe you understand completely.

What worked well:

The last 24 hours we’ll 36 really have been fantastic. From the moment we got home on Friday night the excitement for our time away was palpable. MrH controlled me, teased and played me perfectly. During play on the Friday night he talked about the delights he had planned the next day. I have been in and out of subspace since then… in more than out.

MrH let me keep my night collar on all weekend and although I missed Our ritual during the collar exchange, having the collar on held me in that submissive mindset.

From my point of view it’s been everything I hoped it would be and more. MrH surprised me and experimented with new things. He used the flogger on my shoulders which was so relaxing … and he also did some rope bondage, which again I found was calming and relaxing, which I wasn’t expecting.

What didn’t work so well:

The love egg was a giggle but not orgasmic.. and the heating in the hotel bedroom was broken 😂 and the shower didn’t work well.


MrH worked me well with the flogger/crop/hand/paddle during my spanking… I think he still worries about hurting me and holds back .. or maybe the noise? But I’m sure when he’s ready my backside will know about it. For my part I trust him so much, I know he cherishes me. I want him to know I can take him and what ever he gives me, I can be his solace and my body welcomes him even if it seems to resist. Again I’m confident that when he is ready to push the limits further … to push his dominance and demand my submission I will know about it …. and I can’t wait for him to take that next step.

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