After MrH cuddled me for a while he then sent me to refresh myself. When I returned he had stacked pillows on the bed so I could get comfortable for my spanking. He started with the flogger, gently oh so gently and the rhythmic light touches were so relaxing. He gently stroked and patted with his hand and then the crop. He didn’t take me above a four on our scale keeping it sensual and yet I drifted. When MrH called a halt he held me in his arms under the covers until I came back.

As he had told me I would, I dressed him in his suit and after I got dressed we went for dinner.

While we were waiting for the meal MrH said ‘2 down’ referring to his telling me last night that he would posses every hole today.

The meal was amazing as always and MrH ordered for me which I loved. We came back to the room and MrH had his bath. He inserted the love egg while he did and using the remote he changed its intensity from time to time.

He even then used my chat on SWC to tease me and when he got out of the bath he placed the vibrator on my clit to try and make me type gibberish – but I managed to continue to type coherently. This public involvement, with them knowing what MrH was doing and then encouraging him to tease me further was a strange feeling. I was asked how I would feel if he shared a picture of me getting off and I responded that I wouldn’t care. Looking back I’m surprised by this as it would normally be a heck no …. I think that it’s because I’ve got comfortable with that group of people and wouldn’t feel too exposed, but still as Missy said I was definitely ‘GONE’ 😁 we chatted a while with the group and then MrH ended the chat to continue the evening,

MrH made me the most beautiful body harness with his rope. It was so relaxing as he tugged and wrapped the rope around me, I couldn’t take deep breaths but I was in no way restricted from being able go breathe.

After MrH removed the bindings we lay for a while under the covers to warm back up.

MrH asked me to pleasure him orally and I willingly and eagerly obliged. MrH enjoyed my attentions tugging my nipples occasionally, then he said that it was time to ‘see if he could fit all his cock in my ass’ and sent me to retrieve a condom. It’s been a very long time since MrH used my ass, we have a few toys and plugs but they are small in comparison to Sirs cock. I smoothed the condom in place and sir bent me over the bed, added lube and applied the vibrator to my clit as he slowly began to enter me. My body resisted at first but MrH gently and firmly pressed on until he filled me. I climaxed quickly from the combination of his possession and the vibrator which he was using the way he had seen me masterbate (just inside the vagina and pressed against my clit in a circular motion). MrH removed himself from my ass and removed the condom, he asked if I was ready to receive his cum and he thrust into my pussy… I climaxed again before Sir.

From the moment we arrived and the planned scenes began MrH has encouraged me to push past my nerves. When MrH saw me in the black lace bodysuit he had picked he told me I was ‘stunning, sexy, beautiful.’ The second outfit was my choice, and again he complimented me. ‘Wow’ was his immediate response followed by, ‘you look amazing’. He was momentarily unable to focus and open the camera app on his phone which gave me a little thrill.

It’s hard to fully articulate how amazing the day has been.

I feel thoroughly owned. He set the scene for the day in an email and with the exception of deciding not to have me wear the love egg to the meal, MrH did everything he told me he would. He teased and played me, mentally and physically. I love him so much, and know I am loved in return.

I am sorry to be so sickly sweet but right now I’m so filled with love for him I’m overflowing with it. I thanked him for a wonderful day before we fell asleep.❣️

6 Replies to “Conclusion”

  1. A great post and thank you for sharing. I know that feeling you are talking about well and also find it hard to describe. Be careful over the next few days as you might feel some drop as you move from where you are, back to reality. I know that MrH will provide lots of aftercare but by the first part of the week your might feel it a bit. I am so pleased the two of you have had such an amazing time together 😊

    1. Thank you Missy it really has been so amazing… MrH is, I think, growing in confidence in his role and it’s showing in the scenes he plans. He pays close attention to my triggers and I also tell him when something works especially well or quickly. He then uses that information next time to subdue me quicker and each time we play I fall faster.
      I’m sure MrH will watch me carefully and it’s going to be hard for me anyway with my reduced hours.. I’ll be at home on Monday and Tuesday with only laundry to do. So I’m going to try and plan my days to keep me busy in order to make sure that doesn’t make it worse.

    1. I will do 😊 I know I’m flying high atm and that means I’ll crash too at some point … MrH always keeps a close eye on me after intense prolonged play 😊

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