Let the games begin

I was instructed to dress in specific clothes and be stood in inspection facing away from the door…..

MrH had fun taking pictures….. then a wardrobe change was required….

After MrH had taken some action shots too we moved to the bedroom for the show (which you all know I’ve been very nervous about!) and I was allowed to use our favourite vibe ‘promises’ MrH says I did very well and I was rewarded with more orgasms as MrH used his mouth and tongue with promises.

MrH then let me have his cum in my mouth while I brought myself to another climax.

Happy happy Sweetgirl 😁

10 Replies to “Let the games begin”

  1. Gorgeous pictures sweetgirl. I am glad that you are having such an amazing time. I love the tension of an inspection and it is a real trigger for me. 😊

    1. The whole thing has been amazing… the way MrH set the scene with the email, then began to build the anticipation yesterday by telling me he would be taking me every way … it spun my mind before we even got here… the anticipation of what, and when …. he controlled the day and allowed me to recover between scenes. If only I hadn’t had a nasty dream/nightmare (that we went to a club and MrH decided to play with another sub) after I went back to sleep it would be perfect… but again MrH soothed me when I woke and assured me it wouldn’t happen … he’s held me since I woke up stroking my back. He said at one point when I was asleep I was shaking which I think would be when I was sobbing in my dream.

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