1 more sleep

That’s assuming I can sleep…

The excitement and nerves are battling each other for top spot. I know MrH will keep me safe I’m not nervous that I will get hurt, I’m nervous because I know that fantasy and reality can be quite different and sometimes it’s disappointing… I imagine that what MrH imagines when he pictures watching me masterbate could be vastly different from the actual ‘show’.

But MrH assured me I will not disappoint and I am desperately holding on to that.

I did the shopping by hand today (I usually shop online and a nice person delivers it) and MrH said to buy more condoms.. this usually means one of 2 things …. multiple orgasms for MrH or anal play…

Is it wrong that I’m hoping it’s both??

Well I’m going to eat my tea and go shower…. tomorrow’s almost here…

Bye for now 😊

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