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December 2017

Captains Prize (part 5)

He waited until she had finished eating, trying to concentrate on his own plate and not on the way her tongue looked as she licked her lips, or how it would feel swirling the top of his cock. Every now and then she would glance at him and blush. The

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Captains Prize (part 4)

Martha opened her eyes. Her head felt clammy. She was back in the cabin, on the bed, but her restraints had not been put back on. “Welcome back,” The Captain’s voice came from across the room. Martha turned her head to look at him. “Why?” Her voice sounded croaky to

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Captains Prize (part 3)

Martha woke with a scream. Cannon fire. She was going to die. A prisoner on a pirate ship. She could hear men shouting but couldn’t make out what they were saying. Her hands were still bound and the rope was once again secured to the wall. She remembered the spanking

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Captains Prize (part 2)

When Martha awoke, for the briefest moment, she forgot where she was. She was simply warm and comfortable, the mattress softer than anything she had ever felt and in those first few drowsy moments, she didn’t want to wake. Then the memories came flooding back; being dragged from ‘The Fany’

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Captains Prize

The girl was tied to the ring that he usually used to secure the bed hangings during the day. He knew the men thought it strange but he knew that he slept better in the dark and in the Carribbean it never seems to be dark long enough. He missed

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Sub Drop

I am experiencing sub-drop and Mr H is taking good care of me. He is always my protector, looking out for me, and taking care of me, so after our hotel stay we knew sub drop would be a possibility and have been watchful for it to hit. One of

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kinky fun

Kinky Hotel Fun 23rd Dec 2017

Well actually it’s the morning of Christmas Eve. We have just woken up and made coffees so I decided to update my blog before we get out of bed with all the kinky fun we have had so far. Mr H and I arrived at the hotel around 3pm, and

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submissive mindset

Instructions from MrH

We are going away in a few days, for an overnight hotel stay. These breaks are not just great fun but an opportunity to relax and play in a way we are unable to do at home because of our adult children. They provide an opportunity to recharge our dynamic

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A short story featuring D/s, a butt plug, vibrators, and oral sex. Sir has sent me to the bedroom. I am to undress and bend over the bed. He has promised to make me feel better, he knows my mindset has drifted of late and I am not feeling the

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Sunday Musings

Another week is over. I’m snuggled on the sofa with Mr H while he watches football, and I feel safe and loved. My mind drifts organically as I lay here musing on the week and of course on Mr H and our relationship. Musings. This morning I mentioned to MrH

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