Reflection – emotional progress

This morning I got my journal out and looked back over some of my early posts. One of the things I noticed most was the emotional turmoil I experienced in those early weeks, and how we dealt with it.

Suddenly I needed contact with MrH. I needed to be near him, even following him around the house. When I was at work I felt desolate I needed him to be checking in on me letting me know he was still there. I felt like a burden to be so needy.. if I didn’t have sufficient contact I became distressed, emotional and, would often end up in tears.

I needed his direction and input. I wanted him to tell me that he was happy with my clothing choices (or to tell me what to wear). I needed him to tell me how to position myself during play, we didn’t have restraints so I needed him to tell me where to place my limbs and especially what to do with my body as play progressed. I needed reassurance that I was pleasing him.

In these early weeks I also struggled to verbalise intimate requests. I struggled to get my head round the idea of what it meant to be a submissive. In my mind I had decided that meant I shouldn’t ask MrH to do things, I mustn’t tell him what I wanted. I thought that would be trying to top from the bottom. Instead I poured these thoughts, wants and needs into my journal trying to sort them out in my head, and to work out how to tell MrH what was working and what wasn’t.

Eventually having asked a few other subs on a couple of forums for advice I decided to ask MrH to read my journal entries. He read it and responded that I had to tell him what I was thinking, what I wanted from him, what I would like, and especially things that upset me. He said he didn’t believe it to be topping from the bottom to communicate honestly as he will ultimately decide how to use the information I share. He also, very wisely, pointed out that he isn’t a mind reader and so he does rely on me telling him what I’m thinking. Especially as we are both learning what these roles entail.

MrH did start to give me more verbal queues and he checks in on me throughout the day. He keeps me close when we’re at home, with his arm round me or sometimes holding my hand. The more he did this the more submissive I felt, and ultimately the less anxious I have been. Now, as soon as I leave work I am back in sub mode. MrH ensures I am fully focused on him and I am now pretty much always in a submissive mind set when I am at home and it’s amazing.

I still worry that the emotional needs that have surfaced are too much, but MrH assured me they are not, and I am learning (slowly) to accept what he says as being true without questioning it..

So, what was the point to this rambling post? Hopefully to encourage new subs that emotional turmoil is normal; to encourage them to share what they are thinking and feeling. That way their Dominant can look after them and guide them through this rollercoaster of emotions, until they are ready to develop their submission further.

MrH and I are 5 months into our D/s relationship and we both have lots to learn. I’m sure that I will have more ups and downs, everything is intensified somehow. But I’m so glad that MrH and I are making this journey together.

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  1. This! I still have this issue. I’m needy and emotional (although it has calmed down now that HD and I spend more time together when he’s home) and I have the worst time talking to him about intimate things. (Which is why the post he prompted was so difficult for me.)

    I think this is a wonderful post for other subs to read. It’s soooo important to share info so no one feels like what they are going through is strange or unnatural, and they don’t feel so alone. 🙂

    1. Thank you and I am still very much a ‘work in progress’ MrH says I use 20 words when 10 will do … for example instead of saying ‘please would u consider making me kneel when you change my collars instead of letting me stand sometimes cos it keeps my submissive mind set active sir ?’ He would prefer me to say ‘Sir kneeling makes me feel more submissive. Can u think about making me do it more?’

      1. Lol! I am too, but I’m the opposite when it comes to communicating. I don’t talk, I’m almost always non-verbal. He never knows what I’m thinking or what is going on in my head unless I write a blog post or in my journal.

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