I love it

I don’t profess to be a professional writer of poetry but sometimes I get these rhymes that buzz around in my head almost demanding to be written down, and this was one that happened about Mr H when our D/s was new.  I hope you like it, my Ode to MrH aka I love it.

An Ode To MrH

I love it when you tie me up,

I love it when you tease.

I love it when you stroke my breasts

My nipples firmly squeeze

I love it when you spank me,

Your hand, or riding crop,

And when you get the flogger out

I’m eager for its touch

I love it when you hold my head

Your cock deep in my mouth

I love it when you send my mind

To places time forgot

I love to taste you on my lips

To smell you on my skin

I love how you protect me

You keep me safe from harm

And most of all I love it

When you say that I am yours.


Sweetgirl x


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