The kinky side of life.

November 2017


3 more sleeps

On Saturday Mr H and I are going to our favourite hotel for a night away. He wrote me an email to tell me his plans. Something he’s not done before, well obviously he’s sent me emails, but not like this one. The email contains an itinerary, and I’m pretty

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It’s 2am. I’m awake. Not good. Our eldest son who’s almost 25 recently told me he’s still struggling with depression and feelings of self harm. Although I’ve got him to the medical professionals I don’t know if he’s actually attended any of the follow up appointments, and he refuses medication.

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I am yours – A Lesson.

* #Submissive Fiction * #Erotica * #Flash Fiction * As usual Mr H is home before me. I can see the light in the living room has been turned on and a shadow moving inside. I pull the car onto the driveway and turn off the engine. My heart is

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Feeling disconnected

There are times when I feel like I ‘need’ Mr H to push me into feeling submissive. This usually coincides with times when our bedroom play has been limited. I lose the close connection to Mr H, instead I feel distant and disconnected as if I am protecting myself from

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Separation Anxiety

Every few weeks MrH has to provide on call cover, and that week he has to work on the Saturday in the office. I hate that week. I miss him. I feel lost. I’m without focus and I get anxious. The level of separation anxiety I am experiencing is not

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date night

Date night

* #Submissive Fiction * #Erotica * #Flash Fiction * I approached the reception desk nervously and waited for the receptionist to look up.  This was not our usual date night activity. “Hello. Welcome to The Groves, are you checking in?” she asked pleasantly with a welcoming smile. I passed her

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Reflection – emotional progress

This morning I got my journal out and looked back over some of my early posts. One of the things I noticed most was the emotional turmoil I experienced in those early weeks, and how we dealt with it, or more to the point how we struggled to deal with

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I love it

I don’t profess to be a professional writer of poetry but sometimes I get these rhymes that buzz around in my head almost demanding to be written down, and this was one that happened about Mr H when our D/s was new.  I hope you like it, my Ode to

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beef stew

Beef stew.

One of my favourite meals is beef stew. I grew up on it… It is simple to make, it’s hearty and comforting.. you throw everything in a large pan and bring to the boil then simmer for a few hours. Add some Yorkshire puddings or dumplings and some crusty fresh

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Running a tight ship

During a light hearted online group discussion yesterday I typed ‘rolls eyes’ in response to a comment by one of the Dom’s (who from here on I will refer to as MrX because using Dom all the time reads quite aggressively). Now MrX is aware that Mr H has forbidden

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