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19th December 2018 – part 2

I survived- barely.

My headache 🤕 did too…. unfortunately.

I’ve asked MrH if he will consider getting his cane out this evening as it always helps me sleep.

He said he’d think about it…….

That’s all I can ask for. I know some people think that as a submissive I shouldn’t ask MrH to do things. It should be his choice. But to them I say this; it still is his choice. He can choose not to get the cane out. Just because I ask doesn’t mean I get. But by asking he knows what I would like.

And at least I did ask. I didn’t beat around the bush for 20 minutes and umm and argh about it. I just asked. Yey me!

4 thoughts on “19th December 2018 – part 2”

  1. I believe that subs are required to ask for things they need and want, because if they don’t, their Dom(me)s don’t know how to lead and guide them. I have asked HD for spankings before, I’ve asked for bondage, I’ve even asked for sex (indirectly…it’s something I’m working on). It’s always HD’s decision, but when I ask he knows what my needs are, he knows what my wants are, and he can make more informed choices. Personally I think people who say subs shouldn’t speak up have confused reality with fantasy. Might be hot in a story but it certainly isn’t practical. 🙂

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