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14th December 2018

Today was the work Christmas meal. A 2 course lunch at a local pub/restaurant, that does very lovely food, with work colleagues…. colleagues who have gone out drinking afterwards.

We three girls did not.

For one, we all drive to and from work, so drinking for us is a no. But also we have other plans later that day. For me, my car is off to the garage for its MOT.

As they are very nice they did let us go straight home after the meal though!

So by 4pm I will either be very relieved or very unhappy – depending on the result.

I’ve continued to follow my rules all week, but of course today’s lunch is off plan. MrH is aware of this however, and I have saved some syns each day to hopefully mitigate the damage. Weigh in tomorrow will of course be the real test. After which I will be off getting my hair trimmed.

MrH is working all day, so I have plans to keep me busy. Lots of sewing, of course and I shall be chopping up some carrots to munch on.

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