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12th December 2018

Wednesday is Payroll day.

My team and I run payroll for 2 companies every Wednesday. Manually calculating overtime for some 40 odd men who for the life of them can’t follow simple bloody instructions. By simple I mean “if you don’t use the time stamping machine and hand write your time card IT MUST BE signed by one of the project managers” simple. Instead we have to run around getting time cards approved and as the project managers are not always in….. It’s a Stressful day.

So today will be stressful. Even though I did the smaller company’s payroll yesterday… it will still be stressful.

It’s a given.

No doubt about it.

All I’m looking forward to is tonight. On a Wednesday MrH has got into a habit of getting the cane out. He didn’t last week, but I was, shall we say a little tender around the derrière 😳 and so that was to be expected.

But I missed it.

When MrH is in full fettle I find it reinforces my submission and I also find it relaxing. Let me explain.

If MrH says “get comfortable” and then starts. I find I relax and enjoy the sensations, the cane and the stokes of his hand in between, but I don’t drift into subspace I remain alert.

If MrH says “Get comfortable” and then follows that with “do you remember your Safewords?” and “Remember I Love you” then my head is pulled into a deeper submissive state by those extra words. I’m still getting the relaxation, I still enjoy the extra sensitivity of his hand stroking my caned backside but I can also drift close to or into subspace because of the different mental start point.

Words are powerful things you know!

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