We are halfway through the #12daysofsexmas challenge, I made it to Day 7, and so far so good.  Of course every challenge is easy at first, then the longer it goes on the harder it becomes.  Finding new images, or editing old ones to look festive.  On a Sunday we have a maintenance session and I asked MrH to take some photos using our new tripod.  These sessions help to keep me calm and relaxed.  MrH has a few tools at his disposal for these impact play sessions although mostly we use the cane as it is quieter, I do love the squealer or his hand.  An added bonus of impact play is that it helps to manage my pain and it also helps my submissive mindset, which incidentally is the topic for the Tell Me About prompt this time.  Anyway, I hope you like our image for #12daysofsexmas Day 7.

To see all my images for the #12daysofsexmas click here.

There are alternative edits of this image in the gallery.



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