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11th December 2018

MrH has a chest infection, so he’s on a course of antibiotics. I hope they are the right ones and help him, as I hate to see him struggling to catch his breath and coughing the way he has been. Of course if asked he would say he’s fine….

Tonight I will be further reducing my tramadol, and all is going nicely with reducing that. I am speaking to my GP tomorrow to make a plan for the last step.

As it’s the second Tuesday of the month it’s the munch tonight at The Townhouse, but our good friend Mistress Chamoix won’t be there, and I was really only going to see her as it’s been ages, so we decided to give it a miss. I will this year be breaking with a personal tradition of not sending Christmas cards and sending at least 2 with the postman…..

I received some plain cotton fabric yesterday. I’m going to use it to make pair of trousers in it so I can alter them to fit me perfectly. Once completed I will take them apart and use that as a pattern.

At least that’s the plan ๐Ÿค”

In the new year I really want to make myself some dungarees…. I love dungarees… but of course MrH will have to approve the purchase of the pattern and the fabrics. Hopefully, if I continue to follow my rules and be good he will let me.

I’m following my rules too. Yesterday I sent pictures of all my drinks and food… admittedly some of the drinks were half drunk when I remembered to take the picture but I definitely drank my litre requirement. Today I remembered to send the picture before I drank any, but only sent the picture of my orange when I’d eaten it…. basically a picture of the peel!

MrH picked Black yesterday, and Red today. I only have thongs with the red bra and I had been avoiding them since the attack of the devil grapes, but as that has now healed/resolved it wasn’t a problem.

Last night, even though MrH isn’t well he was kind enough to allow me several orgasms. He ordered me to “stop squirming” as he kissed the top of my legs…. I did try my best but he was tickling me!!! … but when he then ordered me to spread my legs the giggle side left me and when he set to work stroking my clit with his tongue…… well let’s just say giggling was the furthest thing from my mind. I’d love to give to you kinky readers lots of details but in all honesty I couldn’t if I wanted to. I remember snatches of details….

Tongue moving, firmly stroking.

Finger (s)? Slipping inside me.

Hands griping my thighs.

Fingers stroking my clit.

Nipples being squeezed.

Fingers inside me while his tongue works.

But mostly I just felt fantastic and once the orgasms began, I was riding that until MrH decided he wanted to stop.

He then told me how wonderfully wet I was, perfect for his cock he said and proved it!

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