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The Journal of a Submissive Wife

Welcome to my website.  Perhaps you are here because you are interested in some form of BDSM, maybe it was a misstep. Either way- I’m glad you’re here.  I am a normal person, honest!  In 2017 I had a conversation with my husband of 18 years (at that time) that has led to our present relationship style.  I am a submissive wife.

What is BDSM?

BDSM is an all encompassing anachronism for the various elements found within this type of dynamic and the middle two letters have dual meanings.  It starts with Bondage and Discipline.  Then, Dominance and Submission. Followed by Sadism and Masochism.  Most people think of latex and whips when they talk about BDSM, of extreme pain being inflicted on someone but they are really the Sadism and Masochism sides.  My interest lies in the Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission realms.

How can you be Submissive Wife in this day and age?

We live a 24/7 D/s relationship, MrH is my Dominant and I am his submissive.  Our relationship is monogamous and will remain so.  I have found submission has reduced my anxiety, and led to some fantastic sex!

I know some feminists shudder at the idea of handing control to a man and it should be noted that while I am a submissive wife there are many submissive husbands out there too.  Being submissive in no way makes me less important, in fact changing our dynamic has made me feel more cherished and more beloved than ever.  I have as much power as I ever did and I could withdraw my consent to the power exchange at any time.  Given the amazing benefits I have gleaned from it however, I think it highly unlikely that I would do so.

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This blog is my online Journal, and the thoughts expressed are my own.  MrH does on occasion ask me to moderate my content when he feels it reveals too much, but for the most part this is my way of processing the things and my thoughts.  I started this blog in 2017 after I found a blog by Submissy another monogamous submissive wife.  If you haven’t already found her blog, I recommend it, she has some fabulous posts and a wealth of experience.  While I hope you find my blog enjoyable, and informative I write primarily as a means of processing my own thoughts and experiences.

There are a few ways you can follow my blog, you can subscribe by email or follow my blog on your reader app (such as wordpress reader). There are links on the side menu.  I welcome feedback and so please do comment on the posts.  If you have questions you can email me via the contact page.  I just ask that you respect our (mine and MrH’s) wishes and follow the guidelines below when commenting or contacting me.. please 😊

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  • Remember I am monogamous and married to MrH.  I am not interested in anyone else.

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