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You better not be late

Timekeeping is very important to Mr H, he hates to be late.  I hate being late too but I am also easily distracted and so I quite often run late.  With the change in our dynamic I know when I message him to say “running late” I am making him

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While I’ve got you there

I briefly mentioned in a recent post that I had ordered some stockings without permission.  MrH does not like to punish me and so I didn’t know if he would.  I found out last night. While I’ve got you there. Every evening MrH changes my collar.  I stand in front

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Put me on the Naughty List – Please

The prompt for Wicked Wednesday is Naughty n’ Nice, and well I do love to be naughty! I would much rather be doing naughty things with MrH than muddling along as a plain Jane; which is how I used to see myself. I decided to make this post a little

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I’ve made many, many, many mistakes in my life and I’m sure I will make more… some big and some small. Getting married at 18 to the “wrong” man – as you do at 18 – was a doozy. Now I don’t mean that I regret having my eldest, because

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Oh fudge!

Or something similar….. I ordered some shoes.  I didn’t ask permission.  I have no idea why I didn’t ask, I usually do. The only exception is if I’ve ordered things for work and then we haven’t paid for them or we’re getting the money back. I’ve been looking for some shoes for

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Our holiday- continued.

The story so far….  (see part one) Having been stripped naked, Mr H ordered me to suck his cock maintaining eye contact (a new challenge) before sending me to the bedroom and telling me to spread my ass cheeks.  And now the conclusion… Sir had decided on some anal play, and he

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Take me, own me, use me.

I’ve been very naughty recently.  The rules MrH set me at the start of the year have lapsed.  I guess some of you will say that MrH is to blame, that he should have been enforcing the rules. But in reality he decided to allow them to lapse.  I was stressed and struggling

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MrH’s take on us and our journey so far..

MrH was asked by Missy [fellow blogger and hostess at The Safeword Club] to write about his experiences a a Dominant in the first 6 months of our journey. Initially he decided not to but after a bit of thought he decided to. You can read his wonderful words by

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I was instructed, when I left the interview to send a message to Mr H. His reply instructed me to check my email. Sure enough there was an email from him telling me to head home and when I got home I had instructions to follow. MrH had put out

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I’ve broke the rules. I woke up at midnight and couldn’t get back to sleep. After two hours I reasoned that my stomach was hurting because I was hungry and perhaps some cereal would help me fall asleep. Only, I can’t go downstairs for food without waking MrH and getting

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