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I want….

No, I need a fuck. I want to feel Sir deep inside me. Sometimes the need becomes so acute my whole body aches for him. My pussy feels empty (which of course it is!) but you know what I mean- right? MrH has been poorly so He hasn’t felt like playing. He hasn’t been able to breathe so he hasn’t kissed me. When we don’t play for a while I have one of two reactions. Either I get super horny or I disconnect. Sometimes I get horny then after a while that goes away and I disconnect. Only….. I have one

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To me one of life’s simple pleasures is kissing. I love it when MrH kisses me- I mean of course I do…. but there are different kisses. There’s the familiar hello and goodbye kiss; the goodnight kiss; the gentle comforting kiss; and of course the pushed against the wall hands restrained demanding passionate almost violent kiss (yummy) but the times when he holds me, tips my chin and kisses me… that is magic. The anticipation before your lips touch…. The feel of their breath on your face…. Then lips meet… Heaven! The gentle pressure of lips, the tentative tongue exploring.

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